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Water Damage


  • Water Flood Extraction
  • Sewage Backup Cleanup
  • Leak Detection Services

RK Restoration Services is the “go to” company for flood damage cleanup and water damage repair in Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Miami. From water extraction to mold remediation, the professional at RK Restoration Services can handle it all. Call 888-269-6915 any time of day or night for emergency water damage services in Broward County and the surrounding areas.

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Mold Damage


  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Mold Remediation Specialist
  • Free Visual Mold Inspection
  • Mold Lab Testing
  • Mold Test Results within 48 Hours

Call 888-269-6915 any time of day or night for emergency mold damage services in Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas.

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Fire Damage


  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Smoke and Soot Cleanup
  • Fire Odor Removal

RK Restoration Services offers a plethora of services, including remediation and restoration of fire damaged properties, flood damage cleanup, and mold inspection services. With a 30 minutes response time, and 24/7 emergency service, your property will be in good hands. Call 888-269-6915 any time of day or night for emergency fire damage services in Dade County and the surrounding areas.

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Mold Damage in Parkland

Throughout the year, humidity levels in Parkland remain high. The humidity allows the microorganisms to find their way inside properties. The microbe activity results in mold damage. Due to the constant problem of mold damage, mold remediation services are highly sought after by property owners in the area. RK Restoration Services possesses the skills and expertise required for resolving mold problems.

Mold Inspection Services in Parkland

Most people are unaware of mold infestation in their houses. It is not until the mold issue gets to a dangerous point that they decide to get it inspected. Not only does mold growth weaken property structure, but it also harms human health. This is the reason that mold removal experts suggest inspection on a periodic basis.

Mold inspection should be carried out regularly. If delayed, increasing mold damage may result in skin problems and respiratory issues. Even if there is no health problem, it can affect the structural integrity of a house.

Mold Damage in Delray Beach

The idea of having a house by the beach is something most people fantasize about. And why shouldn’t they? The time spent by the beach during summers is extremely joyous. But there are some downsides to living in a house that is built in a humid region, such as Delray Beach. That is the problem of mold damage.

Let’s break it down.

Mold Inspection Services in Delray Beach

Mold can occur everywhere and anytime. However, in places like Delray Beach, which are so hot and humid, this problem can intensify. In order to get rid of mold in the early stages, it is of vital importance to conduct mold inspection on a periodic basis. Mold is something that is hard to detect. In order to detect the presence of mold, a professional mold removal and restoration service provider like RK Restoration Services needs to be hired.

Mold Damage in Lighthouse Point

Living in a coastal area is an amazing experience. Having a house by the sea, it is extremely easy to make the most out of the nice warm summer season. The days spent by the beach are days well spent. However, amidst the fun lurks a dark side. When the winter bids farewell, the summer season brings with itself high humidity levels. Humidity is the root cause of mold damage in the houses in Lighthouse Point.

Mold Inspection Services in Lighthouse Point

Let’s go back and explore the source the mold stems from. Due to extreme humidity, the microbe activity in the households tends to rise. The microbes give birth to the problem of mold damage. Detecting mold is quite tricky until it reaches a significant magnitude. Just like pests mold also take place in dark and damp area. Just because it cannot be seen does not mean that it doesn’t exist. Mold inspection is no DIY job for homeowners in Lighthouse point. In order to find out whether mold exists or not the homeowners in Lighthouse point need to hire a professional Mold inspection service provider. RK Restoration is one of the finest mold inspection services in Lighthouse Point.

Mold Damage in Deerfield Beach

Living in a coastal area, by the sea is an amazing experience. South Florida is a beautiful place to enjoy the balmy summer season. With a sandy beach this place offers it residents and the tourists something to look forward to during the summer season. However, the issue of mold growth in the houses puts the homeowners in a lot of frustration and angst.

Mold Inspection Services in Deerfield Beach

The main reason behind the problem of mold growth in Deerfield Beach is the high levels of humidity this place experiences. Humidity allows the microbes to develop inside the houses which are the driving force behind mold. Mold once activated, is hard to detect. However, there are some signs which may point in the direction. The first sign is the bad health condition of the house occupants. Sneezing, coughing and skin allergies are clear symptoms that mold has found its way in. It also results in leaky pipes, moisturized surfaces and discolored walls. There are times when none of the sign are there but mold still exists. It is from here on in that a professional mold removal service provider like RK Restoration has to be called in.

Mold Damage in Cooper City, FL

One of the major downsides of living in a coastal area is humidity. Although high humidity seems harmless, it can make way for different microorganisms to enter homes. This microbe activity can give birth to mold, which is detrimental not only to house structure but also to people’s health.

Cooper City is one of these places that is situated in the coastal regions of America. Homeowners here, often face the infuriating problem of mold damage. This issue cannot be resolved until a professional like RK Restoration Services is contacted.

Mold Inspection Services in Cooper City

Mold is a hidden culprit that can remain unseen for a while. Just because mold cannot be seen, does not mean that it is not there. It is not until it reaches a harmful level that it can be detected. No DIY method that a homeowner deploys against mold is good enough to detect it. The best way to deal with the mold problem is to carry out regular mold inspection sessions with the help of a professional mold damage removal service. RK Restoration Services is the perfect choice when it comes to mold inspection in Cooper City. They use advanced methodologies, equipment and tools to identify the presence of mold in properties of all sizes.

Mold Damage in Weston, FL

Places that are situated by the seacoast tend to have higher humidity levels. One such place in Florida is Weston. The extreme humidity allows the microorganisms to find their way into the houses. These microbes pave the way for mold damage to occur.

Mold not only damages the structure of a house but also causes diseases among the homeowners in Weston, FL. Mold inspection, remediation and removal cannot be done without the assistance of a professional mold damage repair service provider like RK Restoration Service.

Mold Inspection Services in Weston

Mold inspection that simply cannot be done without professional help. The reason is that mold growth takes place in dark and damp places. It is not until mold has gained a significant magnitude that the homeowners come to know about it. When it is detected, it has gotten so worse that a person with no knowledge or prior experience can handle it with DIY methods.

In order to carry out effective mold inspection in Weston a professional mold removal service like RK Restoration needs to be contacted. Mold inspection should be carried out on a regular basis so that it can be prevented while it is still manageable. If kept on the back burner, mold damage possesses the capability to harm not only the infrastructure but cause serious health issues among the house occupants.

Mildew Remediation in Deerfield Beach

For many homeowners, mold and mildew growth is not worthy of calling for professional help. People living away from coastlines can afford being indifferent towards this problem since they rarely come across it. However, homeowners in places such as Deerfield Beach can’t consider mildew a minor problem.

If left untreated, a mildew problem can result in many unwanted consequences. For that reason, residents of Deerfield Beach or any other coastal region of Florida must know about some good mildew remediation services in the region.

Mildew Inspection Services in Deerfield Beach

When mildew growth is left untreated for a long time, there comes a point when it can’t be addressed through DIY fixes. Instead of wasting their time, energy and resources on DIY solutions, homeowners should call for any expert mildew remediation in Deerfield Beach to deal with severe fungi infestations. Experts start their remediation services with inspection and conclude it at restoration for a long-lasting solution against mold growth.

Mildew Inspection in Pompano Beach

It’s true that the mildew problem arises from humid conditions. However, there are many other factors that exacerbate the growth and spread of mildew. For instance, not taking care of kitchen and bathroom sanitation or sticking with a worn-out, leaky plumbing system can turn a mild mildew problem into a nightmare for homeowners.

An indoor environment heavily infested with mildew can result in many health problems for the household. For minors and elderly, mildew can create major breathing problems. Similarly, it can also aggravate the condition of people already suffering from active asthma. Apart from respiratory issues, mildew even affects perfectly healthy adults with sore throats and runny noses.

If a household is facing all these issues with no apparent reason, then it shows that some part of the house is facing the issue of heavy fungal growth. In any such case, it is better to call for expert mildew inspection in Pompano Beach to determine where the problem lies.

Mildew Inspection Services in Pompano Beach

Even if mildew growth is not turning into a major health threat for the family, its persistent soggy and musty smell can result in headaches and disturbed mood. This annoyance is a clear signal that affected homes must sort out the issue with the help of experts. The treatment process can begin by calling any certified mildew inspection in Pompano Beach to estimate the extent of the problem.

Mildew Removal in Broward County

The fungus is a microorganism that thrives in a humid environment with poor light conditions. In abandoned and uninhabitable places, the growth of the fungus is the sign of the presence of life. Moreover, it is one of the main dietary sources of vast aquatic life. However, the benefits of fungus are not universal. For instance, its growth in houses in the form of mold and mildew is considered a problem.

Broward County, like most parts of Florida, experiences humid conditions throughout the year. This climatic nature of the region makes the buildings there more susceptible to mildew growth. Poorly-lit and damp spaces in every construction in Broward County face the problem of either mold or mildew infestation.

Homeowners manage to deal with mild fungus problems. However, acute infestations can’t be dealt with home remedies. They require homeowners to call for professional mildew removal in Broward County.

Mildew Inspection Services in Broward County

Both mildew and mold are fungus species that require the same conditions to thrive. However, it is important to understand that they are not the same. Homeowners often confuse the two. To begin with, mold and mildew have a different appearance. Mold usually has black, dark green and yellow slimy appearance. On the other hand, mildew is usually white or gray in color with amorphous appearance.

Homeowners should not waste time in guessing what type of fungus is infecting their premises. Any good expert of mildew removal in Broward County easily determines the fungus type with a professional inspection. By calling for professional help without any delay, homeowners can nip the mildew problem in the bud.

Mold Removal in Broward County

For households, mold growth is not very different from pest infestations. For instance, both are rooted in dampness. Moreover, their presence in the house entails unhygienic conditions. A mold infestation could also result in family members facing different medical issues.

Broward County is the second-most populous county of Florida. The county’s humid air is perfect for the growth of mold. So, Broward County homeowners have to constantly fight against mold growth in their homes. Sometimes they succeed in getting rid of the problem on their own, but in many instances, they need to find a professional contractor of mold removal in Broward County for dealing with unwanted and uninvited growth of this self-supporting microorganism.

Mold Inspection Services in Broward County

People smelling misty and unusual odors in the home must get cautious since this can be one of the signs that their houses are infested with mold. It is not always easy to pin down the mold issue if one hasn’t dealt with it before. For that matter, any homeowner should call for mold removal in Broward County to professionally deal with the issue.

Expert mold removal technicians are also trained and certified like electricians and plumbers. They know from where to begin the mold removal assignment. Any professional mold removal expert starts the treatment with inspection to understand the type and extent of the problem.