Water Leak Detection Services in Miami-Dade County

Water causes more damage in homes all across Miami-Dade County, and much of it goes undetected. This is primarily because most of the pipes that are in your average home are either under the foundation or hidden inside the walls. Fortunately, for the people of South Florida, some companies offer water leak detection services.
While the weather is responsible for many types of damage to homes every year in Florida, damage from water leaks inside the home also causes severe damage. Unfortunately, since the pipes inside your home either are under the floor or inside the walls, you cannot always see that it is happening. If you suspect that there may be some type of water leak in your home you should consider hiring a water leak detection services company.

Water Leak Detection in Miami Dade County

Since most water leaks are hidden by the foundation or walls of your house, it is not always easy to notice that you have a water leak. However, there are several ways that you can be alerted to the possibility. One way is if you monitor your monthly water bill and see an unexplained excessive amount of water being used. Another way is that when the house is quiet and you hear an unexplained hissing sound or you may hear water running even though no faucets are open. Since water can cause many types of damage to your home, you mustn’t ignore the signs. Quickly contact a leak detection company and have them locate the leak.

Broken Pipes Leak Detection in Miami

If you suspect that you have some type of broken water pipe in your home, there is a simple test that you can do to verify it: turn off all fixtures and appliances that use water. Then if you locate the water meter for your home and you see that the water meter is still showing the water is being used you likely have a broken pipe in your home. The next step is to contact a local water leak detection service company in Miami-Dade County.

Thermal Image Leak Detection in Miami Dade County

Water detection has come a long way thanks to cameras and other types of technology. Since most water leaks in homes are hidden behind walls, getting visuals with a normal camera can be difficult. Today’s technicians have a new type of camera that uses thermal imaging technology that can in essence see inside the walls. It does it by detecting slight variations in temperatures inside the walls and developing a pattern. By analyzing the unique patterns created by the water, they can pinpoint the location of any water leak.

Plumbing Leak Detection in Miami

Every home has a variety of plumbing pipes running throughout, these include water lines, water drains, and waste drains. Unfortunately, most of these leaks go unseen until they cause serious damage. If you were to suspect that you have some type of plumbing leak and you are in the Miami area, you can get help by going online and searching for plumbing leak detection services. These companies use several methods to help you locate them.

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