Mold Remediation Services in Boca Raton

One of the scariest words that a homeowner living in beautiful South Florida can hear is the dreaded word, mold. This is one of the biggest fears that every Floridian faces. The strangest thing is that the vast majority of people really don’t believe that their homes have moisture. They all do. If you have a salt shaker, more than likely the salt clumps up inside, and you have to bang it on the table to loosen the salt crystals. If you don’t have to that, you probably keep a few grains of rice inside the shaker to absorb the moisture. If the salt shaker has moisture, so does your house. Look at your shower. It would be fair to say that you probably see mildew starting from time to time, so you get to work on a deep cleaning. This is normal, but few realize that behind that tub surround or stall shower, mold is probably like rabbits breeding on the first day of spring. It can and will take over your home. RK Restoration Services offers mold inspection services as well as complete mold remediation in Palm Beach County.

Professional Mold Elimination Services in Palm Beach County

Many people are still reeling from the effects that Hurricane Irma has caused to the community. Although a lot of those in the community were lucky, and only suffered minimal damage, there were a number of homes and businesses that took on water. Once water enters a structure, you can almost guarantee that mold will occur. Of course, extracting the water quickly helps, but anything that the water has touched needs to be addressed. Wallboard will need to be cut out and removed, furniture will need to be removed and professionally dry cleaned by a water damage restoration company, and mold growth must be handled by a professional remediation company. RK Restoration Services offers complete mold elimination services, and works hand in hand with the other tradesmen working on the restoration project.

Mold Damage Removal Services in South Florida

The number of homeowners and commercial property owners who think that they can take care of mold problems within their buildings without professionals is absolutely amazing. If you think about it; it’s downright dangerous. Everybody knows that mold spores go airborne, and they will quickly float through the house and attach to other areas. They will then grow. Trying to remediate mold on your own would not be the brightest idea. RK Restoration Services is insurance approved, and will handle the mold removal for your home or business.

Complete Remediation for Mold and Mildew

RK Restoration Services is the “go to” company for many in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach for mildew restoration, fire damage cleanup, and mold damage remediation. Their professional crew works closely with other trades to ensure that your property is restored as quickly as possible. They will even bill your insurance company, depending upon your policy limitations. Call 888-269-6915 24/7, and you will see why their 30 minutes response time makes them the premiere company for emergency services.